Being an owner of a Subaru has many advantages. From their undeniable reliability and security to their astounding number of features that are available and come standard, there is a lot to relish in with these vehicles. Another perk with ownership is the ability to add your own touch to your Subaru. Do you want to be able to share your interests and hobbies with others while cruising in your Subaru around the Nederland, TX, area? With Badge of Ownership, you can in a unique fashion!

What is Badge of Ownership and How Does it Work?

How can you customize your Subaru vehicle using Badge of Ownership? Simply select the number of Subaru vehicles that you have been an owner of, and then you can add various Lifestyle Icons that show what you are interested in as well as hobbies that you enjoy. Then, you just order the badge, and you can display it on your Subaru. From recycling to park icons, there are a variety of options to choose from to help make your Subaru your own.

Are you interested in other ways to personalize your Subaru? Our parts and accessories department here at JK Subaru is an easy way to find just what you need. Are you looking for a particular accessory? You can give our team at our Parts Center a call at 409-723-1111. Be sure to get a look at the accessory specials that we offer to see if there are any money-saving deals that you can utilize.

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