The 2020 Ascent Gains A New Standard Safety Feature

There is a lot for families to love about the Subaru Ascent, like connective multimedia, flexible seating and plenty of cargo space for whatever life throws your way. The Ascent also comes standard with advanced safety that families are looking for to keep their precious cargo safe and the 2020 Ascent has a new standard safety feature.

Subaru's Rear Seat Reminder aims to prevent children or pets from being forgotten and trapped in the Ascent by alerting the driver with a visual and audible cue when the rear doors have been opened under three different circumstances. While Subaru Rear Seat Reminder cannot physically detect the presence of rear-seat passengers it works by recognizing when;

  • The rear doors have remained closes while the Ascent is turned off and back on again within 30 minutes
  • The Ascent is started within 30 minutes of the rear doors being opened and closed
  • The Ascent is running, remains stationary, and the rear doors have been opened and closed

The 2020 Ascent also includes the latest version of Subaru's highly awarded EyeSight Driver Assist Technology that gains a new feature. The new Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control now includes Lane Centering. To discover everything that makes the Subaru Ascent the best 3-row SUV for active families make your way down to JK Subaru today to browse our inventory in person as well as go for a test drive.

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