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While a majority of Subaru models now come with advancements like Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive, to greatly improve traction, technology like this would not be as effective without a good set of tires. The tires of your vehicle are the only parts to actually contact the ground, thus, they should be maintained and replaced periodically to ensure they provide thee right grip for as long as possible. JK Subaru is the right place for the right tires to match your Subaru, so order new tires today and visit us here in Nederland, TX to learn more.

Our service and tire center are on-site at our dealership and we are proudly serving the greater Beaumont, TX area.

The Importance of Great Tires

Subaru tires come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Every owner should keep an eye on their tries to ensure each maintains proper tread depth and pressure. Your owner's manual will let you know the tire's proper inflation pressure, which is also stamped on the tires themselves. Generally, Subaru tires should maintain a trad depth of 6/32 inches. If your tire pressure falls between 3-5/32 inches, you should consider replacing them soon, while tread depth anywhere below this means the tires should be replaced immediately.

You can test the tire tread using a ruler or a copper penny, when the vehicle is stationary. Place the penny in the largest of the grooves in your tire and watch how much of the penny is covered by the tire tread. If you can see a majority of President Lincoln's head, it is usually a clear sign that your tires need replacement immediately.

One of the best ways for you to ensure your tires retain optimal traction is to have them rotated every 6,000 miles or so. A tire rotation helps ensure that all the tires wear down at the same rate and retain their grip strength for as long as possible. Our technicians remove each tire and reassign them according to their specific function and the drivetrain of your vehicle. For example, in a typical tire rotation, a Subaru BRZ will typically have its rear tires sent up front and vice versa with its front tires, because this coupe runs on rear-wheel-drive so its back tires typically see the most action.

Knowing When it's Time to Replace

Eventually, the tires of your Subaru will need replacement around every 20,000-25,000 miles or so. Driving with old tires can present a number of long-term issues, aside from the biggest safety issue: hydroplaning. A well-maintained set of tires help you navigate through a rain or snowstorm with relative ease, as their tread allows them to distribute precipitation on the road in a manner that allows your car to start on the road. However, without the right set of tires, your Subaru Impreza or Outback would be vulnerable to "hydroplaning" on slick roads, which can lead to accidents.

When your tires lose traction, they can cause numerous other safety and mechanical issues on the car as well. Uneven tire wear will cause your car's four-wheel alignment to fall out of balance, which can, in turn, cause the engine to work overtime in order to compensate. Ultimately, failing to replace the tires can effect your car's balance, steering, and long-term fuel economy. If you are unsure if the time is right to replace your tires, keep in mind the following signs:

  • Unwanted vehicle swaying/leaning to one side
  • Loss of traction in certain road conditions- rain, snow, gravel
  • Cracks in tire sidewall
  • Excessive vibration from car
  • Dashboard warning light- typical tire warning light is a grooved circle with an exclamation point in the center, which lights up when tire pressure/traction fall below proper levels

Getting the Right Tires for your Subaru

If you drive a new or used Subaru near the Port Arthur, TX area, JK Subaru is one of the best places to go for new tires, tire rotations, and other crucial services like four-wheel alignment resetting. Our tire center has over 13,000 different options to meet your needs, from some of the top tire brands on the market, like Michelin, Yokohama, Goodyear, Continental Tires, and Cooper Tires.

All of these tires come backed by our free 24-month Tire Road Hazard Protection. Should you run into some unforeseen foreign debris on the roads near Nederland, like nails, glass or potholes, we will replace the tires for no additional charge. If possible, we can patch the damage easily to make repairs even simpler. This 24-month tire hazard protection even includes roadside assistance, if you run into trouble nearby our dealership.

You can order new tires online via our tire center. Search by the exact year and model of your Subaru to find a wide range of tire choices according to the size and function. You can also search by your tire size and find a myriad of different choices from some of our top brands. The proper tire size can be found stamped on the walls of the tires themselves, or in your owner's manual.

What Tire Options Are Available?

While we have all the right-sized tires to fit your vehicle, you might be wondering what types of tires are right for your vehicle. Summers in Nederland can be quite hot and humid, so you might wonder if summer tires are ideal or if all-season tires might be the preferable choice. Shoppers who order new tires for their vehicle are generally looking for one of the following tire functions

All-Season Tires

As their name suggests, all-season tires can be beneficial all year, especially in areas near Nederland where snowfall is not as common or frequent. All-seasons are generally made to perform well in dry or wet-weather conditions and retain their traction in lighter snowfall and colder areas as well. When properly maintained, all-season tires can last much longer than specific seasonal tires. These type of tires also generally the most popular, which means that you will likely find more variety and more brands to choose from when you shop through our tire center.

Summer/Performance Tires

Many drivers near the Beaumont or Nederland areas choose summer tires, especially during the hot and humid summer days in this area. Performance tires are often great for short-term use and are the most beneficial for drivers who choose performance sports cars like the Subaru WRX or BRX. Summer/performance tires are built to provide optimal cornering, braking, and traction control in warm or hotter road conditions, particularly racetracks. These types of tires are also helpful for everyday commuting and driving in wet-weather conditions such as rainfall.

Winter Tires

While winter tires might not be as common around areas with low annual levels of snowfall, you may wish to consider having a spare set if you are someone who frequently travels to colder, snowier areas. Winter tires are designed to increase stopping power on snow-covered, icy roads, and can perform quite well in colder temperatures. A set of studded winter tires, combined with Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive, can make almost any Subaru virtually unstoppable in areas with heavy snow, sleet, or slush.

Get a Great Deal on the Tires You Need

Each month, we have great ways for you to save here at JK Subaru. Our monthly service specials and tire center deals often provide some great discounts you can use to save on the tires you need. You could get cash back for buying a specific brand, or get a fourth tire free when you buy a full set. These deals tend to expire on a monthly basis, so we encourage you to claim a tire coupon as soon as you can and visit us here in Nederland, TX to take advantage.

Order New Tires Online Today

We invite you to order the tires you need online via JK Subaru. When you order online, you can also schedule an appointment with our Subaru service center for custom installation. Our factory-trained Subaru technicians can rotate or replace your tires quickly and efficiently using state-of-the-art equipment you might not have lying around in your own garage. Take advantage of our expertise today and get the right tires for your Subaru here in Nederland, TX. We look forward to hearing from you at JK Subaru!


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