Suber BOXER Engine

The Subaru BOXER Engine Gives You Advantages in Efficiency, Safety, and Balance

The Subaru BOXER engine is now operating on its third generation and still amazes new drivers to the brand with its power, efficiency, and balance. Here at JK Subaru, we enjoy telling the story of how the BOXER engine got its name. The engine was named the BOXER because of the movement of its pistons resembling the jabs of a BOXER punching an opponent. The BOXER engine was designed with every aspect of your driving experience at its heart. You'll love every trip around Nederland.

Power and Efficiency

In the current ecological and political climate, we understand you are looking for the highest level of efficiency in the vehicle you choose to purchase or lease. Efficiency can come from many aspects of an engine, and the engineers at Subaru have worked hard to make sure your drive around Nederland is as efficient as possible. Since its inception, the BOXER engine has been a trailblazer for automakers looking to think outside the box. In terms of efficiency, every automaker aims to move the energy created by the engine directly into the transmission. The BOXER engine achieves this because of its flat design that allows less fuel to be used to produce more power with fewer losses for you in terms of fuel-efficiency.

Handling and a Low Center of Gravity

We know you are interested in the fuel-efficiency we can achieve when using the BOXER engine in your Subaru vehicle. For many drivers, the handling and cornering that can be obtained by the BOXER engine are just as important to the overall driving experience. In terms of the traditional gasoline engine, the majority are positioned in an unbalanced way high under the hood and harm the overall handling of your new vehicle.

Subaru Outback Boxer Engine Offroad
Subaru Outback with BOXER Engine driving offroad

We believe the Subaru BOXER is an upgrade on the traditional installation of the engine under any hood. One of the areas that have been particularly impressive to us is the difference in handling that can be felt when driving a BOXER-powered car over any other form of engine. Take a look under the hood of any Subaru, and you will find a BOXER engine mounted at a low level in the center of the body of the car to make sure the vehicle is perfectly balanced.

A traditional gasoline engine has a high center of gravity, which means it does not distribute the weight of the automobile evenly across all four wheels when taking a corner. The lower center of gravity achieved with the BOXER engine gives your new Subaru more balance and hugs every corner with the weight of the vehicle spread evenly across all four wheels.

A Safer Drive for you and your Family

The flat and low nature of the BOXER engine has been developed by Subaru to make sure the dangerous effects of front and side collisions are no longer a major issue for most drivers. Almost every auto manufacturer now designs the front end of their vehicle to crumple in the event of a collision. A high center of gravity in the engine bay means an accident will lead to the engine block being driven backward directly into the limbs of the driver and front passenger. In contrast, the low height of the BOXER engine means it is directed below the floor of the cockpit when an accident takes place to avoid serious injury to you and your passengers in Nederland.

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